Tamagotchi-inspired idle game Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago launching in March

An egg-cellent adventure, indeed.

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The Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago title screen. It is the logo in greyscale, and text that says, "Press A or B to continue."

I’ve been out of the mobile gaming circuit for a bit, mostly because of the Nintendo Switch. I’ve recently started yearning for something to play on my phone, but nothing I find quite scratches that itch I have. I’m quite hopeful for care sim plus RPG game Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago, and have actually been wondering about it every now and then since I wrote about it last May. At the time, it was expected to launch “soon.” A March release date was announced today.

A brief description of the game reads: Your realm is in grave danger! As its Guardian Spirit, the Fairy Queen has tasked you with raising elf heroes to protect the land from the Dark Lord. As danger draws near and the Dark Lord’s minions begin infiltrating the countryside, your heroic elves might be the only creatures who can save this realm.

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The Tamagotchi-inspired gameplay elements include caring for and raising your heroes from egg to adventurer. RPG-wise, prepare them for quests and protect the realm. Feed, train, and rest your elf as they grow to foster their well-being. As your hero adventures, they will encounter new experiences, equipment, landscapes, bosses, NPCs, and consumables.

Unfortunately, if your hero dies in battle they’re dead for good. But don’t worry! The Fairy Queen can provide another egg, since no realm is built by a single hero. To improve a hero’s chance at success, care for them by improving their strength, skill, dexterity, and intelligence. Let them rest, give ’em a bath, feed them, and watch them blossom into the hero they’re meant to be.

The gameplay here is idle, so once the hero is busy you can return to real life. They’ll complete their quests, then let you know when they need your help. Take the game at your own pace: care for your hero, train them, and venture forth into the world… but only when both of you are ready.

Developed and published by 14 Hours Production, Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago will be released for iOS/Android and PC via Steam/itch.io on March 19.

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