Train Valley 2 has been delayed for consoles

A combination of management, tycoon, and puzzle games.

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The key art for Train Valley 2: Community Edition. The background is blue. There is the front of a yellow train on the left. The logo is center-right; below it is a pile of wood and a mine cart.

Train games are definitely on-trend lately; for example, voxel art railway sim Station to Station is launching tomorrow. Train Valley first launched via Steam in 2015, spawning a sequel in 2019. Train Valley 2 seems to have done very well on Steam. Its reviews sit at an all-time score of 91% Very Positive (recent reviews are 92% Very Positive), and there are eight paid expansions available. The console launch of the game was planned for October 17, but publisher BlitWorks Games has announced there will be a delay and the game will now launch a bit over a month late. This version of the game, dubbed the Community Edition, includes three expansions: Passenger’s Flow, Myths & Rails, and Editor’s Bulletin. It also includes a selection of 158 community-made levels, curated by the developers.

Train Valley 2 is a micromanagement tycoon puzzle game that has players driving the Industrial Revolution forward (and moving past it). Meet the ever-growing demands of cities and industries in a tiny valley by building railroads, upgrading trains, and staying on schedule without delays or accidents. The challenges get increasingly difficult and complex as players solve logistical and transportation problems. There are 50 levels in Company Mode (not found in Train Valley), plus 18 models of trains and 45 types of train cars to unlock.

Here’s a trailer from August 2023:

Player feedback for the game was recently obtained via Gamescom and Spain’s Indie Dev Day, leading the publisher’s management tram to postpone its launch. It wants to improve all of the adaptations (there are three versions planned, one for each platform) to ensure the game arrives as the best possible version of itself. There are technical issues that need to be resolved, plus the game just needs some more polish. It happens. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’d rather a game be on-time and complete than early and needing work.

Published by BlitWorks Games, Train Valley 2: Community Edition will be released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on November 22. It first launched for PC via Steam in 2019.

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